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Re: Online distro upgrade

Am Do, den 29.04.2004 schrieb Arjan van de Ven um 12:34:
> > Well, if anaconda can handle the process when it is run from the CDRom,
> > would it be possible to make it do its job from a running system ?
> the really hard nut to crack is that from the cdrom, anaconda runs the
> *new* kernel, while in a live upgrade by definition you run the *old*
> kernel. Debian can do this because they still ship a 2.2 kernel :)

Just a stupid thought, but couldn't that be solved by using a 2.6 kernel
running in user-space?

Overall I too would like to update my system to the newest, by simply
doing an apt-get dist-upgrade (or something similar). But I see that the
work involved in coding that simply isn't worth it. Especially, because
you would still need to reboot anyway.-Of course, if you could get
things to update without rebooting you would have a serious argument
against every other distro and of course winxxxx. But imho that should
be impossible (Changing the kernel in a running system that is.)


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