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rhythmbox radio/mp3

Let's say that hypothetically speaking I were to install some packages
from http://rpm.livna.org and then rebuild the gstreamer-plugins src.rpm
except using a source tarball from gnome instead of the red hat one with
removed stuff.

And lets this hypothetically resulted in the following plugins:


but after installing and running gst-register, when trying to play a
shoutcast, rhythmbox still pops up a dialog stating:

"There is no element present to handle the stream's mime type

Where would I tell it that it has new gstreamer plugins it can use?
I'm tempted to just build rhythmbox from source (rebuild the rpm) but I
don't think that is the issue, I've had previous installs of rhythmbox
that did simply pick up on the fact that I rebuilt gst-plugins and new
capabilities were there.

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