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Re: PROPOSAL: Core size reduction "bug day"

On 02 Aug 2004 02:30:45 -0300, Alexandre Oliva <aoliva redhat com> wrote:
> The nice thing with this arrangement is that components would have
> names that people could easily choose whether to download, and they
> could burn them into CDs however they like.

Great! an infinite number of possible ways to burn cd images
incorrectly and nearly impossible for other people to troubleshoot!  I
take it you volunteer to close all those bugzilla bugs that will be
filed when people download the gnome component together with the emacs
component and burn them both to the same disk incorrectly with nero

>  The downside is that the
> installer gets more complex, and it may have to go through all
> available media twice; once before the package selections, once for
> the actual installation.

I think there is also a system memory cost associated to doing it this
way in the installer.
If burning components to CD means anaconda will have to require
significantly more memory even in text mode.. to remember the
package/cdimage matrix is that much customization worth it?

-jef"thinks this fedora components idea is sounding more and more like
the medicare discount drug cards...complex choices and confusion
requiring all users to be orders of magnitude more informed to make it
work for them."spaleta

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