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Self-Introduction: Silke Reimer

Hallo list!

I prepared some GIS-related packages for Fedora Core 2 and I would
like to announce them within the next few days to the list. I read
that I should introduce myself before I do so. Well, here I am:

1. Full legal name: Silke Reimer 
2. Country, City: Germany, Osnabrück
3. Profession: Project management for (mainly GIS related) projects
		with Free Software
4. Company: Intevation GmbH, www.intevation.de
5. My goals in the Fedora Project:
As I already wrote I am interested in GIS related projects and
software. Our company has been asked by Michael Tiemann to produce
some packages with GIS software and data for Fedora 2 and this is
what I did in the last time. Now the packages should be included in
the official release of Fedora 2.

In detail I am talking about the following packages:
- grass (version 5.7)
- thuban (version 1.0 with some enhancements)
- some GIS libraries: gdal, shapelib, proj
- some Geodata based on vmap0 with examples and HowTos for there
6. Historical qualifications

I got my first experiences in packaging software in 2000 when I
became responsible for the FreeGIS CD. The FreeGIS CD is a
collection of RPM-based packages with GIS software and data as well
as some documentation about how to use these packages.

Since debian lacks lot of important GIS related stuff I began to
help with packaging some of them. By now I am the maintainer for
thuban and gdal. 

In my professional work I am mainly engaged in building web based
applications with spatial reference. This can be some rather simple
webmapping applications or very complex WebGIS applications for the
digitizing geodata or web based maps with connection to complex
simulations systems. My main programming language is python but I
also have to adapt or enhance free software programms which are
written in other languages, mainly C and PHP.
I hope this is sufficient to trust me :-) Otherwise please ask more
about my skills, goals etc.

7.  GPG KEYID and fingerprint

Finally see here my GPG key:

pub  1024D/89DF8DAB 2002-01-10 Silke Reimer <Silke Reimer intevation net>
     Key fingerprint = 113D 72AC FC26 E61B 74D9  D928 D56E 280F 89DF
uid                            Silke Reimer (MoinMoin) <silke intevation de>
uid                            Silke Reimer <silke intevation net>
uid                            Silke Reimer <Silke Reimer intevation de>
sub  1024g/C3488E04 2002-01-10



Silke Reimer

Intevation GmbH                      http://intevation.de/
FreeGIS                                http://freegis.org/

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