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Re: Using updates-testing was [Re: Device change for Sil 3112 in latest kernel]

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

crisis updates is really in balance at all. The move away from
security backporting and a loss of a coherent way to get people update
notices they can read before the updates become available for install

Do you mean RHEL? This is Fedora, and I don't like to have a perpetual kernel in the distribucion as RHEL has. Mainly because upstream kernel is moving _very_ fast(and stable) and in Fedora there is no enough 'hacker power' to do backports of _all_ new features/fixes/... that upstream brings. I can *not* understand how FC-1 still has a 2.4.22 kernel, released *ONE* year ago.

throws the balance off a great deal from what has come before.  And
frankly, the change in how upstream kernel development is going to
process new features into the stable tree isn't going to make
situations like this any better.

2.6.x kernel.org is the stablest and the highest quality kernel that Torvalds has released. To get anything similar to this with any 2.4.x, you had to get a 2.4.2x and a -ac patch.

x86-64 GenuineIntel

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