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Re: REQUEST: Network Interface Failover and multi-DNS resolution

On Thursday 12 August 2004 12:04, Carlos Rodrigues wrote:
> I have a box with two ethernet cards, each one connected to a
> different local network ("staff" and "students"). Each one of the
> networks has a DNS server to resolve internal names.
> The problem is: I can only resolve hosts that are on the eth0
> connected LAN ("staff"). To access hosts on the other network I have
> to use their IP address directly.
> This prompts me to request two features (independent of each other):
>    1. be able to resolve names using both DNSes;

Why can't you list the second DNS server in /etc/resolv.conf?  Also you 
can specify multiple domains to search for base names in.  EG:

search hq.pogolinux.com ks.pogolinux.com

On this system, one nic is .1 subnet, while the other nic is .2 subnet.  
One subnet is hq, the other is ks.  Given that I listed both search 
domains, I can do things like "ping fred" and "ping barney"  given that 
fred is on HQ and barney is on KS.  Name lookups will work and things 
will be happy.

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