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Re: syslog-ng to replace syslogd

> How about bringing it in as an alternate? For example, there 5-6 different mail
> programs, 3 smpt deamons, at least 2 http deamons, and a couple news deamons
> already in the distribution. The people that want to try out the new daemon can
> do so and if they don't get hacked, other people might try it too. I'd vote for
> making it available, but not the default.
> But let's also consider this. According to freshmeat, it was last updated in
> March 2003. Is it being maintained? Or is it done?


last release was 15 days ago.

> I would advocate moving slowly for security related items. Logging is a
> cornerstone of security.

Which is why I advocate bringing in syslog-ng, if not as a replacement
at least as an option for a syslog daemon.

syslog-ng supports regexs on logs, splitting on hostname, separate
scripts per instance, tcp, alternate ports, stunnel wrapping of the
whole daemon.

it's head and shoulders above syslogd and I can personally say I've been
running it on our central loghost for > 4 yrs now w/o a problem.


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