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Re: [rawhide social experiments] kernel-source(code) package removed once again ... (was: How to build kernel-sourcecode-2.6.8-1.525)

>  While the framework was never perfect, at least
> there was one and the last 8 weeks have seen 3 (!!!) major
> modifications to make it worse to unusable. Not counting 4kstacks
> option or sys_* interface removal ...

ehhhh dude. 4kstacks is a major desktop latency gain. As well as a
server gain. If you see that as a my imaginary vendetta against external
modules you should go see a doctor. really. Same for removing
deprecated, nearly impossible to use correctly and security prone
interfaces. I don't know what other ghosts you see in your tea leaves
but I suspect you're just imagining things.

> If fedora.us accepts the fact that multiple-repos (co)exist, and would
> be willing to work on interoperability/compatibility I would very much
> welcome a new kernel module framework outside of Arjan's reach ;)

You know, YOU and 2 or 3 other people are the reason I entirely stopped
caring about this. No matter what I do you or those others will just
flame me and personally attack me. So I rather do just nothing and
ignore the entire thing.

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