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Re: reiser4

On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 03:34, David T Hollis <dhollis davehollis com> wrote:
> I'm sure the ultimate question is: when/if it makes it to the stock
> kernel, does Fedora begin to support it?

SE Linux is a core feature of Fedora, and will be enabled by default in RHEL4.

Reiser 3 does not work with SE Linux and probably never will.

Reiser 4 has not yet been tested with SE Linux (AFAIK).  I would not be 
surprised if testing revealed the same issues that we had with Reiser 3.

These issues are a reason for us to recommend against ReiserFS.  We can only 
recommend and fully support features that work with all the major features of 
the distribution.  If Reiser 4 can work well with SE Linux and get included 
in the kernel.org kernels then it can be supported as soon as we use one of 
the kernel.org kernels with ReiserFS included (which may be a while, we could 
be on 2.6.8 for a while).

Also the feature freeze for RHEL4 and Fedora Core 4 is very soon, I think that 
Reiser 4 will miss out.

Fedora Core 5 could get Reiser 4 support.

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