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Re: Stateless kickstart problem

Okay here is how I setup my basic stateless network. Please note that
I am still adding more functionality to it, but for the basics it does

1. Requirements:
A server capable of serving rsync, dhcp, nfs, apache. They do not have
to be the same machine, you just need to have access.
A set of workstations, optimally one that has already been completely
setup. Meaning it allows for authentication across the network.

2. Workstation Setup
Setup a workstation with any *NIX style os, Fedora, FreeBSD, Gentoo,
etc.. I would highly recommend you setup nfs home directories, on a
server. Also an authentication scheme would be highly advisable.

3. Setup a snapshot on a rsync server.
An example rsyncd.conf file follows.
comment=Post Workstation

Here is an example rsync command to do the copy.
[code]rsync -e ssh -av --exclude '/proc/*' --exclude '/sys/*'
IP-address-of-test-machine:/ /srv/Workstation

4. Next setup a Fedora install tree and export it via nfs.

5. Make available the attached kickstart file via a web server. Please
remember to change the address of the install tree, and the address of
the snapshot.

6. You now have a choice, you can setup a dhcp server and use a pxe
boot to start the kickstart or you can make a kickstart install cd as
described at the following link.

That should be enough to get you guys going. I have also attached the
client-server program I use to individualize each computer after they
boot. I am still working on a set of scripts to make the snapshot
process a little more automated. It isn't that hard however to change
the rsyncd.conf and copy a directory, so it may not occur.

Happy Hacking and e-mail me if there are any problems with this.
Christopher Hotchkiss

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