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Re: svn or arch

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Yes - Cristian Gafton did months of extensive
testing to see if either
could stand up to the load of internal and external
checkins on the
scale red hat does with distributions.

He found that cvs was the only one to stand up to
the load.

Ok thanks for the quick reply. are the results available anywhere. It would be nice to let the svn/arch developers know about this. I am pretty sure they would be interested

Please note - this was happening quite a long time ago as far as the developers for those projects are concerned.

The first thing we had to do to enable this CVS repository was to redo the way we were handling the source packaging internally. That meant earlier this year making a decision about which source code management (SCM) platform offered the best mix of features, reliability, low cost of transition, performance and political acceptance. I looked at a lot of those SCMs.

It all boiled down back to CVS because, while having some major shortcomings, which I am sure that the proponents of SVN and/or arch will quickly point out, it had a unique quality: everybody knows what is wrong with it.

Plus, unlike traditional software projects, the needs for a packages/srpms repository are very few and somewhat fixed, so I could not grant bonus points for a lot of the more esotheric features of the other SCMs.

That, coupled with reliability and readiness issues of other solutions kind of locked us into CVS. I am sure that a lot of the issues I ran into are now fixed, but as you all know by now, replacing infrastructure bits while keeping the development going takes a lot of time.

It could very well be true that now the others are a better deal - but we asked that question back in January-March, we came out with this answer and we'll ride this one until it hits another critical point. At which point we will evaluate again and we will go through another season of pain...

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