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Re: svn or arch

On Fri, 17 Dec 2004, Dries Verachtert wrote:

Is it maybe possible to give already a little bit of information about this
fedora build system? For example what i'm interested at: what is the minimal
set of packages which are installed within each buildroot? Is it possible to

Look at the comps.xml file. You can depend on having in the buildroot the packages from the @base and @development-tools groups. Everything else will have to be BuildRequires:'d in the src.rpm.

The build root setup script installs the @base and @develoment-tools packages and then looks at the src.rpm's Buildrequires and attempts to solve those. Once that is done, the package build script chroots into the newly created buildroot and issues an rpmbuild --rebuild for the src.rpm as a non-root user.

give a list of packages for each distro/arch? People who are willing to
contribute, can already start with modifying their spec files according to
this lists so they can be added faster when the cvs is open and the build
system is ready.

I'll see what I can do to publish the builroot setup script so that you can check whether your BuildRequires are complete.

An example: is gcc-c++ installed by default or should it be included in the
BuildRequires of each c++ program?

No, the development tools like compilers, make, autconf are assumed to be available. I realize that the @development-tools group might be broad for some tastes; later on we'll look at eventually reducing the scope further of what is assumed to be in the buildroot; for now that is a relativey sane and safe compromise, I think.

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