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Re: RFC: X library package changes, dependancy changes, freedesktop.org xlibs, etc.

Mike A. Harris writes:

All rpm packages containing applications/libs which link to the
standard X11 libraries, currently have hard coded dependancies such as:

Requires: XFree86-libs
Buildrequires: XFree86-devel

At least the first part should not be necessary.

find-requires.pl will automatically add dependencies on every shared library loaded by any binary in the package. pan, for example, automatically gets a dependency on libgdk-x11-2.0.so.0, by the virtue of linking with it.

This dependency is provided by the gtk2 RPM which, in turn, automatically has a dependency on libX11.so.6, libXext.so.6, and others, by the virtue of linking against those libraries. This is sufficient to require XFree86-libs.

I don't think you need anything special to correctly resolve runtime dependency of X applications. If you use a substitute X11 server+libraries, as long as the substitute installs libX11.so.6, et al, everything will work correctly.

find-provides.pl automatically declares a provides for all matching shared libraries installed by the package, so you do not need to do anything explicit with the substitute X11 servers/runtime libraries. As long as they install shared libraries that have the same names (even if they are installed in different directories!), all runtime dependencies will be satisfied.

As far as development libraries go, it does look like an explicit Requires: may be necessary.

You might be able to get away with adding "Provides: XFree86-devel" to substitute X development libraries. It shouldn't prevent them from co-habiting with the real XFree86-devel, or other substitutes, and RPMs that explicitly require XFree86-devel should still be buildable.

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