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Re: release candidate zsh configs

Thanks. :)

Actually it would be good if you could put this rfe into
bugzilla.  That way I won't forgot about it: though I hope
to take a look at it before too long, it would be very good
to have a record of the changes there.

I will file it two days from now. Sorry that I don't have time at the moment.

EH> I would like to remove /etc/skel/.zshrc EH> because it is not expected that someone will install EH> zsh before adding users. All it does is source EH> /etc/profile, which I moved into /etc/zshrc.

Well, no there is a reason for that, see:

There is some good discussion there, but I am considering reopening that bug to get some more ideas about the situation. I suppose the situation is that redhat wants to give people the ability not to source in bash /etc/bashrc, or /etc/profile, and allow them to not source in zsh /etc/zshrc or /etc/profile. That sounds fair that the default .zshrc can allow them to decide on whether to source the /etc/profile. But the reason bash can get away with putting things in skel is that its automatically installed before adduser root, right? zsh is likely to be added after users are added, and therefore would not copy over the skel .zshrc, right? Unless the rpm checks to see if each user has a ~/.zshrc, this may be a problem. This is why I thought sourcing /etc/profile should be done in /etc/z*, but I suppose that doesn't give the user a choice to not source /etc/profile. I installed zsh after my root and eric users. Does the fedora installer copy over /etc/skel/.zshrc after it adds users? Maybe there is a solution that would allow all of this to work together.

-Eric Hattemer

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