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Re: I was wondering why fedora has choosen yum over apt-get

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
On Feb 10, 2004, Warren Togami <wtogami redhat com> wrote:

Far fewer files are downloaded for headers, meaning more efficient
data compression and faster header downloading.

Unless I misunderstand, the one gotcha is the common case of a small
changes in a large repositories requiring the entire set of (single
file) header information to be downloaded.  This *could* become a
bandwidth problem, not only for people in the wrong ends of small
pipes, but also for servers, since rhn-applet would probably keep on
fetching it over and over (at least every time it changes).

I don't know the details of the new metadata format, but I believe I heard Seth talking about there being a single signed file containing hashes of the others. You only need to grab that small file often, the others far less often.

Watching my web server logs, surprisingly a higher amount of total bandwidth usage is mainly in .hdr files compared to the apt bz2 compressed metadata. Roughly 60% of the users using my mirror are apt, 40% yum.


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