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XFree86 4.3.0-56 EPIA test results


I did some testing on the new via XFree86 driver, and it certainly 
works a lot better than the old one (which didn't work at all for me :-) )

Biggest annoyance was Xv not working very well  (basically the colors were
quite a bit off, hard to explain how :-) ). Grabbing the driver from


fixed that.

For DRI I just patched 2.6.2-1.81 with 
(with use of floating point in ddmpeg.c fixed, there are two uses of *1.5 in 
the code, which were trivially fixed :-). With
http://www.uk.linux.org/~alan/via_dri.so that was enough to make glx and 
tuxracer work (colors were somewhat off in the latter, tho...)

Will bugzilla once -57 (and the devel kernel with via dri support the
existance of which was suggested a while back, but which is nowhere to be
found), that hopefully should make the dust settle enough to a bug report to
be useful at all :-)

Pekka Pietikainen

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