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Re: PuTTY 0.54 rpms (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/)

On 20/02/04, at 01:10 +0100, Dag Wieers <dag wieers com> wrote:

> I looked at your SPEC file and compared it what I had. I have the 
> following differences:
> 	+ What is the reason for choosing noarch ?
> 	+ No desktop entry
> 	+ No desktop icon
> 	+ No manpages (there are 2 missing since the last release though)
> 	+ You have a static version-less dependency for gtk+
> 	+ Don't use %makeinstall where possible
> You can compare it with:
> 	http://dag.wieers.com/packages/putty/putty.spec
> For those interested for RHEL21, RH73, RH80, RH90, RHEL3 and RHFC1 at:
> 	http://dag.wieers.com/packages/putty/

I've always been amazed by the way you create your spec files! I've
packaged some rpms too but when I compared my spec files to yours, well
they looked so inferior! :-/

If I may ask, how do you package so rapidly and so neatly? I've read
Maximum rpm plus various docs on the net but they seem to lack this
finesse that you use. 

What's your secret? Do you have some sort of scripts which are on standby
and which can package virtually anything?

And one last question: How to you package for different versions of
RH? For instance I've FC1 right now  in my box, if I want to package for
RH9 and below, how should I go about it? Thanks for your time.

With kind regards,


PhD student.

Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS)
5 Research Link,
Singapore 117603

Email: slsbdfc at nus dot edu dot sg /
didierbe at sps dot nus dot edu dot sg

Web: http://ssls.nus.edu.sg

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