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Re: Prelink success story :)

Michael Schwendt wrote :

> In case this targets the fedora.us guidelines, they are due to the
> following comment from Jeff Johnson (see quoted part at the bottom),
>   http://www.fedora.us/pipermail/fedora-devel/2003-April/001155.html
> who maybe was taken more serious than necessary. Though, if %buildroot
> were eliminated "without warning" actually, those who build rpms as root
> would have fun with the outcome. I can't believe something like that might
> be done, considering that most (all?) of the packages in Fedora Core use
> %buildroot.

Indeed, I think this reply by Jeff has been the most quoted rpm-related post
of all times.

Now just think for 2 seconds. What was the last thing anyone can think of that
got deprecated and removed from rpm over the past year? Sure, the split off
of rpmbuild could be considered one, but there are real technical
considerations behind it (having to maintain all those ugly popt rewrites).
What I mean is that something "simple" and "widely used" as well as
"documented" in rpm can safely be considered something that can be used.
Sure, if it's clearly a side-effect or a bug being (ab)used as a feature,
then it's another story, but if it's an rpm macro vs. a shell variable with
the exact same content, then we're just splitting hairs.

Back to the %{buildroot} vs. $RPM_BUILD_ROOT issue : I'm not in a position
to enforce the usage of one over the other on anyone, and even if I were, I
just wouldn't. Heck, go for the one you think is more readable, consistent,
short, long, lowercase, uppercase, fun, fancy, blue, w4rL0rDz...
who cares? Well, not me.

This was my last word on the subject, ever. Want to quote me? I'd prefer
not, as it would mean the issue is being raised again, and again, and again,
and again...

> Basically, currently it _does not matter_ whether you use %buildroot or
> $RPM_BUILD_ROOT because neither one is deprecated. Just don't use both at
> once.

Now, we're getting somewhere...
What the world needs even more than organization is a little more common
(sorry if there's already been "prior art" on this one)


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