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Re: Fedora Core 2 Test 2 - delayed

Stephen Smalley wrote:

On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 13:56, John Ellson wrote:

Booting with selinux=0 is working well for me.

Are there any special steps to be taken when removing selinux=0, i.e. when
I'm ready to try selinux again?

You'll need to relabel your filesystems. Install policy-sources, cd
/etc/security/selinux/src/policy && make relabel. Not sure about the
corresponding rpm file contexts state.

Thanks for your reponse.

Do I do that before or after rebooting with selinux enabled?

If after, do I log in as a conventional root user, or do I need a different login procedure?

What are "corresponding rpm file contexts state" ? What should I look for?

There are some unreadable instructions that scroll by in boot messages
to the console, then disappear with the login prompt, that I fear might be
telling me something important???

dmesg is your friend.

I know about dmesg, but these messages are not recorded in dmesg, nor in /var/log/messages.


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