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Re: Fedora Core 2 Test 2 - delayed

On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 19:03, James Harrison wrote:
> > >Boot with selinux=0, and the SELinux code is disabled.
> That dont cut it for me.  Two distinct kernels one with SELinux and one
> without.

Nothing stopping you maintaining such a kernel yourself, and
providing it to the world through a yum repo for other folks
similarly paranoid.

But *gasp*, what if the evil NSA code still runs if you
disable the kernel config option? Oh wait, you can review the
code to find out this, just as you can to also disprove any other
delusions you may have about backdoors and such.

Honestly, this code has been scrutinised every step of the
way to inclusion. Before it went into mainline kernel it was
looked over by many kernel folks just to get it into a state
where it was acceptable. Then it got further review when it
was ready for inclusion. Then it got more review when the
commits when by the kernel commits mailing list.

Bringing us right up to date, there's folks hammering on this code from
multiple distro vendors trying to get bugs out in 2.6.

If there was anything sinister in there, don't you think it would have
been found by now ?


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