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Re: Fedora Core 2 Distribution Size

> http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2003-December/msg00002.html
> Ive said this before...I'd personally rather see work on in-distro tools
> to help people create their own live cds based on fedora, then an
> official fedora livecd. I'm sure an official fedora livecd could be
> built, but frankly I really don't know what people would use it for,
> instead of using knoppix/gnoppix or Dirk's livecd. Considering the
> non-technical constraints fedora has to live under, an official fedora
> livecd couldn't have the same level of functionality out of the box that
> other livecds have (multimedia support and ntfs being the primary usage
> issues.)  I'd rather see work on an easy to use tool, for people to
> create their own customized livecds from a master fedora install...that
> seems to me to be the best way to encourage usage and experimentation.

I would find such a live-cd very useful for many things. From hardware
testing, beta testing new apps, etc.
(And I don't see why this would be again a discussion point to add things
Red Hat cannot put up for redistribution.)


Florian La Roche

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