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Re: FC2 initial schedule posted

On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 14:28, seth vidal wrote:

> I'm betting it's just like the x86_64 build, get a kernel that works and
> it should be possible. I think marking it as a 2nd tier arch would be
> wise, though. If you need a place to put a unofficial test-tree let me
> know. I've provided space at fedora.linux.duke.edu for x86_64 and the
> semi-tree for ppc. I'll be glad to do that for ia64.

For FC2, one advantage of staying closer to mainline is going to be
that arch support should for the most part be at least as good as
Getting FC1 up to scratch on a new arch requires much futzing with nptl
and a bunch of other patches. For FC2, the biggest thing to contend with
is exec-shield, so even if patches from the ppc/ia64/amd64/whatever tree
are needed, it's a lot less work to fix up.


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