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Re: pine RPM and IPv6 for imapd

Antonio Querubin writes:

Ok, for discussion sake here's the remainder of the copyright.  If anybody
spots any red flags in there perhaps they could point it out.

[ … ]

(5) the University of Washington may make modifications to the
Distribution that are substantially similar to modified versions of
the Distribution, and may make, use, sell, copy, distribute, publicly
display, and perform such modifications, including making such
modifications available under this or other licenses, without
obligation or restriction;

That's the red flag right there. This clause makes UW-IMAP's license incompatible with the GPL.

The University of Washington reserves the right to acquire any changes
you've made to their software, and use it for their own purposes and release
it under other licenses.

This has more in common with Microsoft's Shared Source license, rather than
any OSI-approved license.  The only substantive difference is that you do
not have to pay $100,000 to the University of Washington in order to obtain
the source code.

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