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Re: FC2 devel/i386 vs VIA EPIA boards

Klaasjan Brand írta:
On Mon, 2004-01-19 at 11:46, Boszormenyi Zoltan wrote:


I am unsuccessfully trying to install Fedora Core 2 devel
on a VIA EPIA based mini PC through the network.
It loads the kernel and initrd images from the tftp server
but it immediately reboots. The vmlinuz/initrd from Fedora Core 1
refuse to install from the Fedora Core 2 NFS directory saying

"The Fedora Core installation tree
 in that directory does not seem to
 match your boot media."

Catch 22...


Why do you think installing FC2 rawhide is supported with the FC1

I did not think it, I just tried. BTW a generic RH/Fedora boot installer would also be nice that can install regardless of the version of the installation tree if {RedHat|Fedora}/RPMS directory is found.

The real problem is that FC2 installation kernel reboots.

As far as I know the way to run rawhide is install the latest release
(FC1 in this case) and then update with yum.

No, I wanted a clean install. If that does not work, that's a regression. That's why fedora-devel list exists, isn't it? For developing and reporting problems with the development versions... fedora-test list is for testing the stable OS version. I have already pulled the full tree of FC2 and update it regularly with rsync. I want to install it through the network on this particular machine which does not have CD-ROM but has a nice PXE boot rom.

If FC1 for some reason won't boot on your machine you'll need an updated

FC1 works on that machine, thank you. That was out of question.

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

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