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Re: Fedora minimal install option

On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 09:33, M A Young wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Mako Gabor wrote:
> > The custom install allow the packages selection. But I could not see it in the
> > Fedore Core 1. :(
> > If I don't select packages in the custom install option, then the Linux (Fedora
> > and RH9) install ~900MB. It is too many for minimal. It contains many
> > packages that are not necessary (for examples redhat-artwork etc.).
> The actually minimal install using the standard installer is about 510Mb,
> which you get by deselecting all the optional packages at the right point,
> though you need over 600Mb of diskspace to actually install this.

If one selects "Minimal Install", IMO, that should not mean deselecting
"optional" packages. Minimal means minimal, IMO. ;)

> The absolute minimum presumably consists of a handful of key packages
> (such as kernel, glibc, initscripts) plus any dependent packages, which
> prbably comes to 2-300 Mb, though this may be too minimal to do anything
> with.

Not at all. I've got web/email/DNS servers running on an install of

Bill Anderson
RHCE #807302597505773
bill noreboots com

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