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Re: 2.6.1 kernel question

On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 20:51, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am Do, den 22.01.2004 schrieb Alan um 03:22:

> > Well, I found out what went wrong. Not certain what caused it.
> > 
> > /proc was no longer functional!  (Not certain why. Maybe this system
> > needs a /proctologist.)
> This is just because /proc is no longer used for system states in kernel
> 2.6. Absolutely normal and no error on your system. Maybe you should
> read the kernel documentation to know all changes.

Actually rebooting the system brought /proc back to a usable state. 
Something within the kernel bit it.  That was just the symptom. (Might
have taken /sys as well, but I did not check.)

And I have read the kernel docs.

BTW, I have noticed a few interesting differences between the arjan
2.6.1 and the Fedora devel 2.6.1.  I assume the Fedora development
version is the "preferred" version, even though it has a earlier version

ALSA took a slight bit of hacking, but is working. I noticed that the
arjan version has the OSS modules built as well.  I kind of like having
the OSS modules not built since it forced me to configure correctly. 
Hopefully the sound cards get configured correctly on install.

"Push that big, big granite sphere way up there from way down here!
Gasp and sweat and pant and wheeze! Uh-oh! Feel momentum cease!
Watch it tumble down and then roll the boulder up again!"
    - The story of Sisyphus by Dr. Zeus in Frazz 12/18/2003

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