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Re: zsh configuration proposal

After trying zsh, I have to say I like it a lot and have changed my
default shell.

Of course, I changed EDITOR=emacs to vim :-)

I discovered one thing though, which actually seems to be a result of
/etc/bashrc.  Your /etc/zshrc sets $PS1, whereas /etc/bashrc does not. 
As a result, if I switch from zsh to bash, I get a garbled prompt. 
Appending export PS1="[\u \h \W]\\$ "
to /etc/bashrc resolves this issue.  So if redhat uses your zsh config,
it'd be helpful if they also made this modification to /etc/bashrc.

On Sat, 2004-01-24 at 03:38, Eric Hattemer wrote:
> First, I would suggest to everyone on this list to try zsh if you
> haven't before.  Its almost 100% compatible with bash, even more
> compatible with sh, but its much more intelligent than bash, even with
> bash_completions installed.  Information is at www.zsh.org.
> With that out of the way, I noticed that zsh on Mandrake for instance is
> configured much better than on RedHat.  So I had Warren talk to the zsh
> maintainer for redhat, and he said that if I could put together a good
> configuration, he would probably push that into the next package.  So,
> that's what I did.  So please download it and take a look.  It turns on
> completion, correction, and a number of other options which are nice.
> It is at
> http://isd.usc.edu/~ehatteme/zsh/zshetc.tar.bz2
> I decided to create a little prompt chooser program at
> http://isd.usc.edu/~ehatteme/zsh/zshprompt.pl
> It requres Gtk-Perl.  It shows off the ability to make a colored prompt
> in zsh.  Its not 100% finished, but it has most of the functionality
> already.
> The zshetc.tar.bz2 will unzip into subdirectory etc.  So you can install
> zsh (package name "zsh"), backup /etc/z*, then just unzip this file from
> /.  The default redhat versions of these files are unexciting, and have
> very few lines of code.  Please give these files a try.  I think you
> will find working with a configured version of zsh very enjoyable.  Any
> comments on these files would be appreciated and taken very seriously.
> I welcome major configuration changes, as well as things like disability
> accessibility, in-file documentation, standards and compatibility.  Some
> of these settings go with my personal preference, so if you have a
> different preference, let me know because maybe its more popular.  If
> you are new to zsh, try out the "compinstall" command to set up
> completions.  There is a lot of preference in there, but maybe you'll
> find a way to configure it that the masses will enjoy.
> So anyway, please try it out, test it, configure it, and let me know
> what you think.  If you have any questions about zsh, just ask, although
> I am not an expert, just an enthusiast.
> -Eric Hattemer

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