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2004-01-28 Fedora Core 2 test1 status

Here's the latest:

. Unfortunately, there are some filesystem corruption problems related to
the way SELinux file contexts are stored, and it will take a while to hunt
these down, so selinux will have to be disabled for test1. If you are
running rawhide, PLEASE make sure to boot with 'selinux=0'.

. We're going to have to slip test1 because it's Just Not Ready. Things
are not ready for a final test1 tree yet. This slip will be a minimum of a
couple of days. Not sure what that will mean for the availability date -
at this point, think "Wednesday".

. These are the remaining issues that I know of 
                Gnome 2.5 builds need to be finished (alexl et al)
                        gdm in particular needs updating or rebuilding to 
			fix the borked libcroco dep.

                firstboot doesn't work (#114508)

                USB keyboard/mouse don't work on some systems (kernel - DaveJ?)

                /mnt/sysimage gets remounted readonly during initscripts installation
			There's some sort of patch for this one already in the works

                CD installs don't work

Please file bugs for other showstopper issues, or send in patches for the
ones above.

Sorry there's no better news,
-- Elliot
Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.

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