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Re: The Fedora Hardware Project - Update

> Unfortunately many people are turned off by the idea of having to register and 
> everything 

One of the worries I have with a registration system but a session is a
session is a session.  I was thinking of Public Key type authentication.
Just use your name and key and it will authenticate you but I would need
a copy of everyone's key and in order to get that you would have to

I then thought about a simple 2 user system. An admin and a general user
account and control it that way. But there are obvious faults in that

> Why not do what many of the other websites do and ask the user to type
> in a string that you render into a image?

Anyone know of any good sites on howto use this method just out of

Maybe I'll flash the bigger picture that was mention before everyone
eyes. I believe it was talked about that down the road hardware
information could be, if the user decides, sent after an install. No
registration would be required. But that is down the road.

Scott Sloan <devscott charter net>

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