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Re: The Fedora Hardware Project - Update

> That wouldn't help the people who couldn't install...

True it wouldn't. But don't you usually check if the majority of your
hardware is supported before you try a new OS? I'm guessing you are
talking about people who are new to Linux. People who have used it
before will know "oh my sound card works, but last time I had to mess
this or that file to get the game port work"  Your right though, it
wouldn't help those who blindly did an install. But I hope that most
people do their research... if so this is a tool for them. 

I have to remind myself that not to limit it to just that though. Could
also be an incredible tool for developers and hardware vendors alike.
Developers can look at it and say "oh this chipset needs such and such
of a modification done" and fix the problem so it works out of the box. 

Vendors could look at it and say "WTF, where is our support? Let's get
our butts going" :)

So it's an all around tool. *Hopefully*

Scott Sloan <devscott charter net>

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