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Re: The Fedora Hardware Project - Update

On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 17:37 -0500, Scott Sloan wrote:
> Just a status update and a question to get some input.
> Been working on and off on the Fedora hardware project and the items
> required for the project discussed back in May. Blah Blah Blah, going
> along great  blah blah blah  will have a beta site out end of July early
> August *knock on wood* blah blah blah just Need to iron out some very
> ugly bugs and posting comments on configurations done first.  hope
> everyone will contribute their thoughts now and then.   
> My brain is throwing red flags up on the issue of site registration and
> whether or not it's need. I don't like the idea of having it. So I'm
> looking for suggestions because I don't want the site to become: a
> forum, or huge list of flame wars. Site is just a database of supported
> hardware and working configurations to get not supported hardware
> working.  At least that was my take on the project.  But if it must be
> there, I was thinking just for adding and posting configurations. 
> Looking for thoughts, Ideas, or concerns. 

Hi, there was some discussion recently on the hal mailing list about a
community-wide hardware project


that could integrate with the hal and Project Utopia pieces that is in
development right now.


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