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Re: Fedora Core 3

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On Friday 02 July 2004 15:11, dragoran wrote:
> >I'm sure there's other stuff people would like to see. What sorts
> >of things?
> >  
> >
> Adding Firefox 1.0 as the default webbrowser

    I prefer mozilla. I have them both, but mozilla is more stable for
now, and it will not be good to force all users to use it. A BROWSER
environment variable can be used to select the preferred web browser.
I do not like sendmail for example, but I would not ask FC3 to be with
postfix as default, I just ask for an option not to install sendmail
at all or just use postfix as default mail server if this is desired.
However, while there is mozilla included, I would not care too much
which one is the default - I will be able to change this.
    As I mentioned postfix, there's problem with sendmail's aliases file
and the postfix's one (as discussed before). Postfix, when delivering
mail locally with procmail (as it is in FC2) can not deliver mail to
root (security reasons). I was thinking what about if postfix delivers
mail to 'postfix', and it is hardlinked with root's mailbox? Both files
can be owned by different users and both users can write to the file
they own. If this is acceptable (I wonder if this can be security/locking
problem with this) then both sendmail and postfix (and probably exim) can
share one aliases file. Does this look acceptable?

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