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Re: Fedora Core 3

Le ven 02/07/2004 à 16:47, Alan Cox a écrit :

> 	/etc/security/console.perms
> I would suspect adding DVB to this would do the job. If it does then post
> the needed changes to bugzilla.

Oh cool thanks! I'll try that

> > 	- the unichrome driver for VIA CLE266 
> The kernel bits are in the current tree and the driver is in FC2 (2D) although
> the config tools seem to select vesa (just turn it to via)

Yes - it would be nice to be able to configure it with the normal tools
rather than hacking the config file by hand is what I was trying to say.

>  Nedit seems a bit obscure
> given that both KE and Gnome have basic graphical editors anyway ?

I have standard Gnome menus in FC1 (I think) and there is no text editor
other than emacs under the "Programming" menu. I am not sure if the
standard Gnome text editor does code colouring for SQL or CCS or JSP???

And of course all those years of using jed, pico and nedit... My
preferred text editor all categories is of course BBedit. 


Tony Grant

www.tgds.net Library management software toolkit

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