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Re: Fedora Core 3

On Fri, 2004-07-02 at 12:06, mike flyn org wrote:

> I would like to see more Java tools in general:


> 2.  Free software Java applet plugin for epiphany, Firefix, etc.  It seems
> that gcjwebplugin will be the candidate eventually.

Unfortunately, we can't ship gcjwebplugin and gcjappletviewer with
Fedora Core 3 in their current form because they haven't been audited
for security.  However, I'm wondering if there is some way of using
existing security infrastructure to limit gcjappletviewer's
capabilities.  That way we could at least ship a feature-limited version
so that people could experiment with trusted applets.

> 3.  Gcc-java compiled with "--enable-java-awt=gtk."  I'd like to start
> testing gcj's AWT implementation.

Yes, this seems doable.  I'll push to have the GTK peers included in the
next Fedora release.


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