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Re: Debuginfo + addr2line

Thus spake Roland McGrath (roland redhat com):

> > Do you have any idea where I can get some info on how this works? 
> Well, read the source.  Basically, the debug information all lives in
> special ELF sections, and the debuginfo files contain those.  There are
> some further subtlties to it.  Just use the tools (eu-strip -f,
> objcopy/strip --only-keep-debug), or look at -debuginfo packages, and you
> will see what the sections look like.

Ah, this should help. The problem is my first encounter with these
files was the debuginfo rpms, and rpmbuild creates these
automagically with little to no documentation on the process.

> > Even if you could just point me to the original patch or something for
> > gdb maybe I could figure it out and try to hack something up..
> If you look at current gdb sources and search for "separate_debug",
> you will see all the code that deals with it.

Will do, thanks much.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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