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Re: Fedora Core 3

Bill Nottingham írta:
And, random other stuff, of course.

I'm sure there's other stuff people would like to see. What sorts
of things?

1. Integration of linuxconsole.sourceforge.net full multihead capability. With 'integration' I mean not only the changes to the kernel console subsytem but: - changing /etc/security/console.perms so not only the first logged in user can use certain 'shared' devices, like sound card CD-RW, etc. maybe with the ability to assign them to certain consoles, so one can have multiple CD/DVD drives and sound cards. - changing system-config-display so it can discover multiple keyboards (consoles), mice and videocards and it can configure multiple layouts for different heads. - integration of the PCI isolation patch from Debian's XOrg.

I am running x86_64 FC2 with this PCI isolation and it works nicely
on two Radeons.

2. Install side-by-side 32 and 64 bit mozilla on x86_64, if the Java and
Flash plugins do not exist in 64 bit version say half time between FC3
test1 and test2. Change default through alternatives.

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

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