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Re: Package requests wishlist

Am So, den 04.07.2004 schrieb Michael Schwendt um 0:42:
> Without consideration of the current priority values, from the many
> packages in the  http://fedora.us/QA  listing, which ones should be
> processed first?  Any wishlist items, anyone?

I think we should look at the whole process of building external
kernel-modules 2.6 -- some bugs at fedora.us and livna.org depend on

Especially I'd like to hear something on the problem you can see in


Thomas and I have a little dispute how things should work and it would
be very nice to hear something from someone like you. At least to know a
direction. ;-)


After that we could look at the kernel-module-build-environment Thomas
created; See
. Ville did only a short look AFAIK and I also could not look closer
until today. I did and hackish update some evenings ago to
fedora-kmodhelper (merely a proof of concept) so it works in 2.4 and in
2.6 -- but It still needs some testing and cleanup. 


BTW: Michael, thanks for all your QA work @fedora.us


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