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Re: Package requests wishlist

On 04 Jul 2004 01:36:55 -0500, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:

> MS> Without consideration of the current priority values, from the
> MS> many packages in the http://fedora.us/QA listing, which ones
> MS> should be processed first?
> Heck, if you're asking, I'd love to see the various math-related
> packages: R, gap, yacas and maxima are ones I already build locally.
> (I'm kicking myself for rolling my own when there are already
> up-to-date packages out there.)

I seem to remember that I've had a look at the yacas package before,
but ran into several problems, not limited to missing (or potentially
missing) dependencies and non-working scripts and features.

> I could sure use several more on that list as well: clamav and kile
> for starters.

Clamav is available already. Kile suffers from a missing dependency
in a Fedora Core 2 package, which also affects other packages:


A temporary work-around would be possible, if the Core package doesn't get
fixed soon.

> I'm willing to help with QA.

Even success/failure reports would be helpful.

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