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Re: Fedora Core 3

On Sun, Jul 04, 2004 at 03:23:12PM -0400, Charles R. Anderson wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 05, 2004 at 03:09:36AM +0800, Dexter Ang wrote:
> > FYI, NX is GPL. Check the download page, bottom-right.
> Why the License: Commercial tag?  Why the "free evaluation" version?
> Are there commercial components?  I do not see the COPYING file
> included with the binaries, which AFAIK is a requirement of the GPL.

The core software (client *and* server) is Open Source, I think the
server part was GPL'ed very recently (two weeks ago or so).

This does not mean that all of the software you see there is Open
Source.  Some of the "sugar" included in the binaries is not Open
Source, so it is is not strange that you don't see a COPYING.
Furthermore, it might be dual-licensed (don't know if this is the
case here), so that the commercially packaged software does not
need to include the GPL.

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