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xterm/gnome display error using mutt/termcap/ncurses/slang?

I'm at fedora-devel-latest.

I'm not sure where the problem is, but in the last 3 or 4 weeks, I've
been forced to TERM=gnome in my gnome-terminals, otherwise mutt will
eventually (within 1 or 2 scrolled screens) get into a confused state.
Using Control-L to refresh the screen does work.

It may be that the gnome-terminal termcap entry has changed further
away from the xterm termcap entry? I don't have a problem with this,
but I do have a problem with the gnome-terminals coming up with
TERM=xterm, and then not working until I set TERM=gnome. Either
gnome-terminal should come up with TERM=gnome, or TERM=xterm should
work in the gnome-terminal.

I scanned around bugzilla. I didn't find a report that matched my
symptoms. If somebody who knows what this issue might be could tell
me what to file the bug under, I will do it.

I was hoping it would quietly disappear with later updates, but with
FC3 around the corner...


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