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Re: xterm/gnome display error using mutt/termcap/ncurses/slang?

On Tue, Jul 06, 2004 at 01:22:45AM -0400 or thereabouts, Mark Mielke wrote:
> I'm at fedora-devel-latest.
> I'm not sure where the problem is, but in the last 3 or 4 weeks, I've
> been forced to TERM=gnome in my gnome-terminals, otherwise mutt will
> eventually (within 1 or 2 scrolled screens) get into a confused state.
> Using Control-L to refresh the screen does work.
> I scanned around bugzilla. I didn't find a report that matched my
> symptoms. If somebody who knows what this issue might be could tell
> me what to file the bug under, I will do it.

I have two mutt-inna-gnome-terminal bugs which I cannot properly
reproduce, track down, or otherwise turn into a bugzilla entry.
And since FC1 was involved, I expected to get a "Is it fixed with
FC2?" response if I tried. 

But if either of these fits your symptoms, file that bug and 
then I can add anything potentially relevant :)

On my home machine, since Fedora Core 1, I have found that the
display gets messed up when mutt in a gnome-terminal is on the
main index view. It's only sometimes, and ^L fixes it temporarily.
It has only ever happened in a mailbox which uses sort="thread",
but that's 90% of my mailboxes so I don't know whether that's
relevant. And I generally see it on largish mailboxes (80+
messages, enough to need two screenfuls), but again, that's
90% of my mailboxes. My gnome-terminals are generally 80xheight-of-
screen, and it's generally when I go to another screenful of 
messages. It looks as though two lines have got muddled up together, 
so that instead of

  1  N  date here  Somebody Sender  ( xxx)  --->Subject line
  2  N  date here  Another Sender   (  xx)   -->Re: Subject line

I get something like:

  1  N  date here  Somebody Sender  ( xxx)  --2 N date here  Another Se
nder  (  xx)  -->Re: Subject line

The other is weirder because it "just started" one day and I
know of no changes on either machine.

I ssh from home machine to another machine, a big one with lots
of other users, many of whom use mutt (especially now that pine
and elm are gone :)). Its motd says the box "has been live-upgraded 
to Fedora Core 1. There should be no obvious differences." It
has said that for while a while: long before I noticed this 
problem occur.

My standard gnome-terminals are black text on white background.
When I ssh in and start mutt, the screen appears to go black:
no prompt, no nothing. In fact mutt has started, but is showing 
black text on a black background. If I do "TERM=vt220 mutt", 
everything works. Sysadmins on that box assure me nothing has 
changed. strace says that mutt is not looking anywhere weird
for settings, and I can't see a colour setting that would cause
this in the obvious locations. I know nothing has changed on my 
box. I haven't even moved to FC2 on it.

Do either of these ring a bell?

Despite your subject line, mutt isn't linked against slang on
any of the boxes involved here. So that might be one out of
the way. 

I shall experiment some more with TERM="blah" settings, but 
so far, only vt220 works to sort the second one out. 


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