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FC3 wishlist - sound server


The current fedora has 2 sound servers (esd and artsd), and not all
applications use it. It's not very easy to have multiple sources of
sound pouring in the same device. Using GNOME I get around by telling
xmms to use ESD output plugin, on command line (crons) I use esdplay, on
gaim I specified ESD, for others I used esddsp. Switch to KDE and these
don't work properly anymore.
Even more, logout and login as another user. /dev/dsp remains owned by
previous user, so it can't be used.

What about including a good sound server and use it by default? I don't
know what's best, but Jack seems ok.
JACK is a low-latency audio server, written primarily for the GNU/Linux
operating system. It can connect a number of different applications to
an audio device,
as well as allowing them to share audio between themselves. 

Ideally, it would be used by default in all non-desktop apps. For GNOME,
gstreamer would use it as default and for KDE I don't know the solution.
Then one can have only one command line player by default, now there are
at least 3 (play, aplay, esdplay).

Other opinions?

Marius Andreiana
Galuna - Solutii Linux in Romania

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