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Re: udev in initrd

Le mar, 06/07/2004 Ã 18:17 +0200, Owen Taylor a Ãcrit :

> There's a lot of other components of our system which are absurdly
> over-configurable in ways that would badly break the system - the
> X init scripts, the init scripts, gdm, etc, etc. 


Have you ever tried to configure gdm on a RedHat/Fedora system?

I happen to live in a country that uses the 24h format, so I tried
(doesn't seem like over-configurability, right, asking to display the
time in a format one is used to pars?e)

*EVERY* single time gdm is updated the clock format is reseted. You have
to keep re-telling GDM to use your format. After ~ 2 years of trying to
keep up with the system I've basically given up (and try not to look at
the clock because I know it'll make me mad any day).

So don't worry - gdm over-configurability has largely been squashed by
the package maintainers.

Nicolas Mailhot

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