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Re: FC3 wishlist - sound server

On tis, 2004-07-06 at 22:20 -0700, Max K-A wrote:
> > Alsa does hardware mixing with cards that in fact support hardware
> > mixing, and for those that don't support it you'll need to set up the
> > DMIX plugin. See attached .asoundrc for an example of this.
> 	The problem with dmix is that the client has to support using it. The
> OSS-compatibility layer doesn't work with dmix, most of the time.
> 	In general, current programs cannot using ALSA mixing, they must use a
> sound server.

Any program that supports ALSA output also supports DMIX. In the
attached setup, the default device is set to DMIX. But as you said,
legacy applications only supporting OSS won't be able to use DMIX.
However, the majority of open source applications do support ALSA, so I
wouldn't say that "in general" applications can't use DMIX.   

In some cases (like Real Player 8), there is support for esd and OSS, so
one could run esd on top of dmix and then play RP sound through esd.


Peter Backlund <peter backlund home se>

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