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Re: FC3 wishlist - sound server

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On Wednesday 07 July 2004 00:20, Pete Zaitcev wrote:
> Practically nobody uses network transparency in X, except some geeks
> who remember what an X terminal was. I saw an endless progression of
> various network audio servers, starting with NCD's NAS in 1989 and going
> from there. There's just not a compelling application for a network
> transparency of sound samples. Mind this is very different from media
> streaming in general - the way, say, VideoLAN does it, by virtue
> of streaming compressed over some sort of loss tolerant and congesion
> aware protocol.
All kinds of people use network transparency. I use it at my library, and I 
know  a number of schools that use it. I'm glad KDE and GNOME devs both see 
the wisdom in having that feature. 

> If JACK wants to survive, it has to support media streaming. Once it
> does it, it automatically becomes "too complicated", and an undergrad
> somewhere starts a new network transparent audio project immediately,
> thus the cycle continues.
> -- Pete

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