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Re: Automatic reboot in kernel 2.6.7-1.467

Dave, All,

On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 00:27, David Chambers wrote:

Thank you Omar! - I had totally not thought of ACPI.  Adding
acpi=off to boot fixes the problem completely.

Given the problems which ACPI seems to be causing - including
people's problems in FC2 - wouldn't it be a good idea to default it
to "off" until it behaves a bit better?  I realize that the dev
kernels are just that, but to have the entire system not boot on a
whim of ACPI's strikes me as a bit counterproductive...  (my $0.02,
refundable upon request :-)

This should be fixed properly in the next kernel that Arjan pushes
out. Binary search on patches since the last working kernel and first
broken one took a while, but it turned out to be something (sort of)

Just out of interest, what was this sort of trivial something? :)

Oh, and has the fix for said something been upstreamed?

PS: Your mail client isn't wrapping lines correctly.


Regards, Omar

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