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Self-introduction: Menno Smits

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1. Full legal name
Menno Jilles Smits

2. Country, City
Australia, Brisbane

3. Profession or Student status
Senior Software Engineer

4. Company or School
Oxcoda NetBox (http://netbox.biz)

5. Your goals in the Fedora Project
* Which packages do you want to see published?
My main focus at work and personally is all things Python. Initially I'm
interested in getting the psycopg python Postgresql adapter into Fedora
Extras and doing QA for Python related packages in the queue. I'm open
to doing QA for other packages that interest me too.

* Do you want to do QA?
Yes, definitely.

* Anything else special?
I became inspired to help out with the Fedora project after listening to
a recent presentation by Warren Togami at a HUMBUG meeting in Brisbane.
I noticed that a) the project needs more hands and b) my experience with
development and RPM packaging (see below) could be of use to the project.

6. Historical qualifications

* What other projects have you worked on in the past?
I have some experience working on open source projects but nothing major.

I have submitted small patches to the
psycopg (http://initd.org/software/initd/psycopg),
tinc (http://www.tinc-vpn.org) and
pktstat ( http://users.dart.net.au/~leonard/software/pktstat/) projects.
These patches were accepted and used.

I have submitted bug reports to several other projects and am capable of
working with upstream authors in order to get bugs fixed. I have a
working knowledge of the open source development process.

* What computer languages and other skills do you know?
My primary language and passion is Python. I am also competent in C/C++
and Bash scripting. I can read Awk, Perl and Java.

I have extensive experience with RPM packaging. I personally maintain
over 160 RPMs for in-house and open source software at my place of work.
~ These packages are automatically pushed out and installed at 100's of
sites running our embedded Linux product.

* Why should we trust you?
No particular reason :) I will earn your trust over time through the
work that I do with the project.

7. GPG KEYID and fingerprint

# gpg --fingerprint 5B39257C
pub  1024D/5B39257C 2004-07-06 Menno Smits <menno freshfoo com>
~     Key fingerprint = F9A9 BCCD 3477 40DE 1006  5390 587F 760E 5B39 257C
sub  1024g/86E3E213 2004-07-06

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (GNU/Linux) Comment: Using GnuPG with Thunderbird - http://enigmail.mozdev.org


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