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Re: Fedora Core 3

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Dexter Ang (thepoch mydestiny net) said:

Most of the time, shutting down from a Gnome desktop or from GDM, I see the listing of services being killed (the one with the [OK] thing, similar to the startup process).

But there are times when I don't see this. What happens is all the Gnome stuff ends (gnome-panel, nautilus, etc), and all I see, while shutting down is my wallpaper. When X gets killed, I see the standard console login prompt for a moment. Then shutdown. No service shutdown listing. Very clean. It seems not as I get it maybe 1 out of 10 shutdowns.

I just noticed my last sentence being weirdly phrased. I editted something out and didn't change it. Anyway...

I believe it depends on what VTs were active when you started X/gdm.


OK. I was thinking that this might be a "nice" alternative for those that complain that they want a shutdown screen to hide the "scary" stuff from normal users. But this would most probably be troublesome for those that need/want to see the shutdown sequence, having to quickly switch VTs before the computer actually powers down.

If this is a bad idea and has been suggested/discussed before, I'd appreciate a pointer to the discussion.


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