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Re: FC3 wishlist - sound server

Le jeu 08/07/2004 Ã 02:10, Jonathan Andrews a Ãcrit :
> Kernel people, pretty please... why not rewrite /dev/dsp to be a virtual
> device ?
> If the virtual device owned the real device - say at the fastest
> playback and record rates then emulated instances of the device for each
> process that wanted to open it - mixing together the results to give a
> common output. It must be possible W2K does something similar:-) and it
> had as much baggage to carry forward.

Alsa can do this. Already discuss here.

> http://www.opensound.com/virtmix.html

btw : http://www.opensound.com/install_gzipped.html
        Software licenses
        Open Sound System is not freeware but commercial product. The
        software itself is freely downloadable from our web site.
        However it needs a run time license to work. The software
        package itself contains a time limited evaluation license which
        installs automatically. To remove the time limit you will need
        to purchase a permanent license from our web site or any of our
        official distributors.
> Something like this but transparent with just a single /dev/dsp. 
> I know this isn't as simple as it sounds, but it does fix a lot of sound
> problems, including allowing multiple incompatible sound servers on the
> same machine.
> Jon

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