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Re: nominate for removal: ethereal

On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 16:43, seth vidal wrote:
> So, would it be completely inappropriate to nominate ethereal for
> removal from fc3 due to its spotty history of security problems?

Yes. This is a shockingly bad nomination. :)

> It seems like an excellent place to start thinking of packages that
> should be maintained, in fedora extras, by the people interested in
> using them, not by the central developers at red hat. 
> Thoughts?

Extremely useful tool that is useful for debugging an innumerable amount
of problems. It has saved literally hundreds of hours for me personally.
Making it less accessible (the network may be down when you need it
after all) would be a travesty.

Parsing externally controlled input is what it does, so it isn't
surprising the security problems that result.

Dax Kelson
Guru Labs

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